Ruah Woods 2019 Annual Luncheon – Rev. Ethan Moore

The Future Faith of Our Children

Our children give us joy, happiness, and love. But with children comes worries about their future. About the best ways to develop strong Catholic adults. How do we authentically encourage our children’s faith development? How do we instill our children with the knowledge of their anthropology, and cultivate the truth of their dignity? How do we guide them to their future that will set them up to confidently defend, protect, and explore their faith amidst the confusion of the world? This is what we want to explore with Rev. Ethan Moore.

You might recognize the name, and that is because Rev. Ethan Moore has been a long time supporter of Ruah Woods, often helping us by playing the role of master of ceremonies at our banquets. He works daily with young adults at Wright State University as they are entering into a new world of independence. Before that, he spent much of his time dedicated to youth programs and development.

Rev. Ethan Moore

Was ordained a priest for the Archdiocese of Cincinnati in May of 2015.  He served as the parochial vicar at St. Peter and the Parishes of Old North Dayton for 3 years where he helped to inaugurate such things as Encounter ministries for high school teens, Holy Cross Households for young adults; while giving talks and retreats around the local area and serving the people of his parishes.  Father now serves as the campus minister at Wright State University located in Dayton, Ohio.  Fr. Ethan is a big fan of Chic-fil-a sauce, riding skateboards, the harp, but mostly living in the Spirit all in for Jesus. He also has a great working knowledge of Theology of the Body and imparts that knowledge with the students that he meets.