Job Opportunities

Job Opportunities

Email resume to Michael Grasinski, President at


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Ruah Woods
6675 Wesselman Rd.
Cincinnati, OH 45248
ATTENTION: Michael Grasinski

Please feel free to submit your resume, although currently there are no available positions.

We expect to be hiring remote, regional K-12 Theology of the Body Curriculum Sales & Training positions throughout the country in the near future!

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Since 2009 Ruah Woods’ core focus has been to help men and women live their vocation to love, according to God’s plan, as informed by the Theology of the Body. Our niche is Theology of the Body Education and what makes us unique is our cohesive K-12 TOB Curriculum, our education, training, therapy and support for teens, adults, teachers, clergy and families. You’ll find colleagues who are spiritually stoked, striving for Christian virtue, self-giving, deeply knowledgeable about TOB and zealously positive about making a difference in our world. We guarantee TOB will provide clarity in illuminating the whys behind Catholic teaching and plant seeds for a lifetime of transformation through self-gift.

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